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Paver Sealing Clearwater - Protecting Patios & Driveways

What is the next best thing to paver cleaning? Paver sealing in Clearwater! There is a way to clean your pavers and keep them looking fresh. It's a simple solution that involves applying sealants. Our company has been in the power washing business since 2010. Around that time, we discovered paver sealing and all it offers.

Not only does sealing keep pavers looking clean for longer, but it also adds a protective barrier. Environmental hazards, organic substances, and automotive fluids cannot penetrate the pavers. As licensed pressure washers, we enjoy recommending services to customers that enhance their outdoor property. You can expect your pavers to look incredible and last much longer after they've been sealed.

There are a lot of factors in Florida that can wreak havoc on cement, concrete, and other outdoor surfaces. Sand, silt, and salty sea air are corrosive to sidewalks, driveways, and patio pavers. The great news is we have a way to protect them. Are you interested in paver sealing? We'd love to speak with you about its many benefits. 

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pool patio paver sealing clearwater

You'll be Glad You Decided to Seal Your Pavers!

Our professional concrete paver sealer team is always looking for ways to enhance the appearance and longevity of properties. Using a specific technique, you can have peace of mind knowing your pavers are thoroughly protected. Here are some benefits of paver sealing to look forward to:

  • Prevents Fading & Staining - The Florida sun is hot, hot, hot! It can cause the rich colors of pavers to fade over time. In addition, things like animal waste and automotive fluids cause staining. Sealants protect your pavers from those occurrences.
  • Mold & Mildew Resistance - It's no secret that The Sunshine State is very moist. As a result, mold, mildew, and algae grow rampantly. Sealing up those pavers helps to thwart the issue.
  • Enhances Curb Appeal - Nothing dresses up a house more than fresh, clean pavers. Applying a sealant keeps appearances on par.
  • Prevents Weed Growth - Not only do sealants protect pavers, but they also act as a weed deterrent.
  • Less Maintenance - Sealants keep pavers looking clean. That means all you have to do is light sweeping and maybe a spritz with a garden hose here and there.

As you can see, it pays to have your pavers sealed. It's an incredible way to ensure pavers stay in tip-top shape for the long haul.

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Quickly Schedule Your Paver Sealing Services

Have you been thinking about paver sealing in Clearwater, FL? If so, what's holding you back? Perhaps it's the cost. Do you know that our company offers the most competitive rates in the local area? You can also score a zero-cost estimate to learn exactly how much your paver cleaning and sealing services will run. Maybe you're concerned that your pavers are past the point of return.

Let us be the judge of that! In most cases, we can clean the pavers using pressure washing services and seal them up tight. You'll be amazed by the magic that our crew can work. You honestly cannot go wrong with paver sealing services. We have decades of experience in all areas of outdoor cleaning, including soft washing. Your pavers will be in good hands! Check out our 5-star reviews today.

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Trust Our Team for Services

You've found it! Our team, Clearwater Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning, is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you need the pavers around your pool or driveway sealed, we've got it covered. Have you heard about our soft washing method? We use this method when pavers or concrete areas have been weakened. Instead of pressure washing, we'll use the gentler soft wash technique to prevent further damage.

Then we'll get busy applying the sealant. What you're left with is clean, protected pavers. It's an excellent service that we highly recommend. Plus, it'll save you money in the long run on repairs and maintenance. We hope you'll take a moment to check out our before and after project gallery.



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