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We have a driveway pressure washer in Clearwater ready to work for you, and that's the good news. Your driveway is constantly exposed to the elements, automotive fluids, and everyday wear and tear. The bad news is, when these materials are left to fester, they can break down your concrete and pavers.

Our company has been thriving since 2010 and has the experience you can trust. We only use high-quality detergents that are safe for the environment and industry-leading equipment. Our truck-mounted power washing tools get the job done without damaging your driveway.

Our technicians use a soft pressure washing method when applicable to avoid causing damage to weakened concrete. The only thing we'll be busting through is dirt! Are you ready to get hooked up with a FREE estimate? Call us today to schedule an appointment for pressure washing in Clearwater, Florida.

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Professional Driveway Pressure Washing in Clearwater is the BEST Option!

Did you know that a DIY driveway pressure washing project can actually cost more money than having a pro do it for you? You have to rent the equipment, purchase the soap, and if you're late returning the power washer, you get charged a fee. Then, there's the fact that DIY power washing doesn't get the job done nearly as well as an experienced technician would. Check out other benefits of hiring a pro driveway pressure washer in Clearwater:

  • Safer - Our technicians have been effectively cleaning driveways since 2010
  • Cheaper - You'll find professional pressure washing services to be much more affordable in the long-run
  • More Effective - Our pressure washing services are done right the first time

It truly pays to have your driveway professionally pressure washed. At Clearwater Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning, we believe in taking the burden off our client's shoulders through customer service excellence. To learn more benefits of driveway power washing, please visit our blog.

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Got Tough Stains? Clearwater Driveway Pressure Washers can Help

It doesn't matter if you've never had your driveway power washed before our team can tackle the toughest stains known to man! When automotive fluids and organic matter sit on concrete for extended periods of time, it causes staining and a breakdown in concrete surfaces. Here's a shortlist of what power washing removes:

  • Oil
  • Tire marks
  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Rust
  • Hard water stains
  • Paint
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Dirt
  • And more!

Did you know that our company of experienced technicians can use very low water pressure to remove the aforementioned stains? After applying specially formulated detergents to the area, the stains begin to deteriorate, and all that is needed is our soft wash method. Are you ready to watch the magic happen? Call us now!

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Clearwater Pressure Washing Roof Cleaning Cares About Your Driveway

You may be wondering why we care about your driveway, and the answer is simple. Your driveway is what the world sees first when moving past your home. The driveway is an important component of great curb appeal. If you're trying to sell your home, it is imperative that your driveway be free and clear of stains—thats' where we come in.

Our team of proud pressure washers in Clearwater knows all the ins and outs of effective pavement, concrete, and brick cleaning. It doesn't matter what type of driveway you have; you can bet your lucky stars we've cleaned it before! You can kiss automotive, pet, and elemental stains goodbye when we're on the scene.

Take the plunge and call us today to set up your appointment for a FREE power washing consultation and estimate. We gladly service both residential and commercial driveways.


Expert Driveway Cleaning Services are a Phone Call Away!

Have you noticed that your driveway is looking a little lackluster these days? We can help you with that! Our incredibly talented pressure washers offer driveway cleaning services in Clearwater, Florida. Things like silt, sand, and salt from the sea need to be promptly removed from concrete surfaces to protect their longevity. In addition, automotive grease and animal droppings create acidic stains on cement that also tend to break down the material over time.

A thorough cleansing can stop the cycle of damage and restore the curb appeal of your driveway in no time. We hope to set you up with an appointment today!

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See what our customers have to say:
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"The pressure washing crew arrived and surveyed the property then quickly went to work on the exterior of our home. My wife and I felt they went above and beyond with pressure wash cleaning and the customer experience. We will continue to use them on an annual basis."
- David B.

High-Quality Power Washing Services in Clearwater, FL

Since 2010, Clearwater Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning have been making home exteriors in Florida look new again! Our services include roof & gutter cleaning, paver cleaning & sealing, soft washing, and commercial pressure washing. If you have a need for a squeaky clean residential or commercial exterior, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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Make Your Clearwater Home Shine with Professional Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning

Are you tired of being the dull drab looking house on the block? Contact our team of professional power washers today for your free estimate and we will make your home look like new again or Call us at (727) 205-9748
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