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Clearwater is a tourist town. Visitors from all over the world come here to enjoy the many pleasures that the area has to offer.  Clearwater and the surrounding areas are popular for its beaches, marinas, jet-skiing, spas, and historical buildings.  A town with so much tourist activity has to remain as pristine as possible to keep drawing visitors year after year.  Clearwater Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning prides itself on maintaining commercial buildings' exteriors in Clearwater and the surrounding towns.  Outlet malls, business, and government buildings, restaurants, hotels, churches, sidewalks – we do it all – with the same care that we put into our residential services!  And we have 20 years in the business to back up our experience.  We serve the neighboring towns of Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Clearwater Beach, Bellair, and Belleair Bluffs.

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Commercial Pressure Washing is Beneficial to You & Your Customers!

No customer would want to enter a business establishment if the exterior was filthy.  A business should always be professional and professional service starts with the exterior of your building. Wouldn’t you question the integrity of the company if the exterior of the building wasn’t clean?  Customers should not have to see algae growing on the exterior, mold, and dirt caked on the siding, and dirty sidewalks. As a business or property owner, you shouldn’t want to see it either.  It’s bad for business.  But don’t worry.  You don’t have to be embarrassed to have customers frequent your establishment. Leave the dirty work to us, and we will provide you with an impressive exterior in no time.  Our dependable experts will come out to your location and determine your Clearwater commercial pressure washing needs and provide you with a free estimate.   Call today so that we can get you on the road to business success with an impressive, clean exterior.  

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Why You Need Commercial Exterior Services Immediately in Clearwater

Commercial buildings in Clearwater need more attention than you think.  Why?  Because you provide a service or product to the residents and visitors in the area. It is a must that the exterior of your building is as clean as the interior.  An essential part of your customer service plan should include making sure that your customers do not see a dirty facility.  It is beneficial for your business to make sure that you put forth your ‘best face,’ which includes having a clean exterior.  If you see cobwebs, mold, dirt, or other buildup on the exterior of your building or your roof, you need to call us right away. This eyesore may be driving away customers.  Not only this, you may be paying more than you need to for your heating, cooling, and ventilation because of a dirty, unkempt roof.  Don’t keep scaring away customers.  Contact us now for a free estimate so that our team of professionals can get to work right away with commercial pressure washing for your Clearwater business, making it look attractive to potential customers.   

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How Our Clearwater Commercial Services Work

Once you contact our office and one of our friendly staff members schedules you for an estimate, our technician comes out to survey the area. We will inspect every inch of the building to let you know what your critical needs are.  Our pressure wash technician prepares an estimate & the team will return to do the work.  Furthermore, an area of focus for commercial buildings is the roof because this can be the source of problems for your business.  Dirt, gunk, leaves, and other forms of buildup could be causing other problems inside the building such as leaks, openings for pests to enter, and overuse of energy and ventilation systems.  A thorough cleaning of the roof will allow you to address these issues before they become a major internal problem.  Another important area is the sides of the building.  Grease stains, dirt, and possibly graffiti are an eyesore and should be removed as quickly as possible.  One final critical area is the walkway.  Dirt, gum, oil, and other stains that don’t wash away with the weather are also unsightly and should be cleaned using our commercial pressure cleaner. 

As a business or property manager, you should place as much emphasis on the exterior of your building as you do on the interior.  As the saying goes, ‘first impressions are lasting ones’ so make sure that your customers’ first impression of your business is that it is neat and tidy.  We can help you with this.  Contact one of your experienced professionals about our commercial pressure washing services in Clearwater to get your free estimate today.       



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"The pressure washing crew arrived and surveyed the property then quickly went to work on the exterior of our home. My wife and I felt they went above and beyond with pressure wash cleaning and the customer experience. We will continue to use them on an annual basis."
- David B.

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